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MONEY® Canada Limited, purveyors of MONEY.CA online, MONEY® Magazine, MONEY® Media and The Financial Show for television are proudly sponsoring the 2016 York Region Small Business Seminar & Symposium - ‘Financial Literacy for Small Business’.

Ellen Roseman - Keynote Speech Overview

  • How to negotiate contracts for credit and debit card payment terminals. Where to get help when you have issues.
  • How to resolve complaints about telephone and internet service providers.
  • How to get the best deal on legal services related to operating your small business.
  • Saving money on business travel and airlines and where to go for help when you have complaints. 

Ellen Roseman's Bio

Ellen Roseman is a journalist who sticks up for ordinary Canadians. She’s been advocating for consumer rights for the past 35 years. Read more.



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